About us.

Since its inception, True Link has been at the forefront of adapting financial solutions in service of older adults, people with disabilities, and people in recovery.

Our mission is to provide greater independence and autonomy to people who are at financial risk when engaging with the world.

We do this by providing products and services that support the efforts of the many families and professionals who work every day to improve quality of life for others.

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What we stand for.

We are a mission-driven company that operates from a set of five values.

Grandmother holding her grandson while playing the piano

The backstory.

Like most successful ideas, True Link was founded to solve a clear and immediate problem.

When the lifestyle of a beloved, aging grandmother was threatened by the risks of financial abuse, fraud, and scams, company co-founder Kai Stinchcombe set out to find a solution.

The card succeeded in providing the protections his grandmother needed and the increased independence he and his family wished for her.

Since then, True Link has worked to expand and build upon the concept of adaptive financial products and services. The card product has been adapted to fit the needs of geriatric care managers, elder law attorneys, nonprofits, government agencies, recovery centers, and others.

When the company expanded into investment advisory services, it included a software platform for the complex recordkeeping and accounting required for preserving healthcare benefits.

We will continue to solve problems for this sector of the market by creating quality, life-enhancing products and services.

What we do.