The card for staff and employees.

Professionals are turning to the True Link Card for a better way to manage and protect business & personal finances.

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True Link Prepaid Visa® Card

Our system is purpose-built for professionals like you who need a better way to manage and distribute spending money to personal assistants, staff, and other employees while protecting your financial assets. Wouldn’t it be nice to…

make FUNDING easy

Disburse funds via our dashboard for no extra charge.


Save time by reducing admin work - we've done it for you.

monitor & Block

Monitor spending in real time and set limits on merchants and spend.


You work tirelessly to support the well-being and financial security of your business and family. It’s not always easy to protect your assets from exploitation. Additionally, disbursing funds and managing money can be time-consuming and complex – especially when each spending situation is unique. Save yourself time and resources with the best service possible with the help of True Link. 

Using the True Link Prepaid Visa Card, you can easily transfer, disburse, and monitor funds for each employee or staff member. Choose to block specific merchants, limit ATM withdrawals, and even prevent online spending - all while allowing your staff to easily purchase what they need.

  • Simplify how you disburse funds
  • Customize where the card works
  • Manage access to cash
  • Easy sign up process
  • Just $10 per month


It’s easy to customize where the True Link Card works to meet the specific needs of each client. Worried about someone losing money to scams or predatory telemarketers? Customize the True Link Card to prevent over-the-phone spending, disable wire transfers, block specific merchants, or limit ATM withdrawals – all while allowing the cardholder to purchase what they need, when they need it. 

With this administrator-managed card, approve expenses like groceries, medications, and social activities while restricting unapproved or dangerous expenditures. Or – for clients receiving SSI benefits – you can set up the card to block food purchases in order to protect eligibility.


No more spending hours managing cash, buying gift cards, and making monthly expenses spreadsheets to ensure your employees are fulfilling financial responsibilities on your behalf. With True Link, you can consolidate all spending onto one prepaid card that can easily be funded online or over the phone. Add money onto the card by transferring funds from a checking or savings account. You can schedule recurring transfers, auto-refills, or request a one-time transfer. 

You save time and avoid hassles while your staff enjoys quick and reliable access to funds and the sense of independence that comes from being able to make purchases themselves.


You can set up the True Link Card to prevent or limit cash withdrawals so your clients are only able to spend funds that you approve. There is no way for clients to transfer money onto the card or gain access to any additional funds.  Because it is a Visa card printed with the client’s name, the card cannot be transferred or sold.


To get started:

  • Fill out the online application to order a card
  • Set up your custom Spending Monitor with a few clicks
  • Fund the card from a checking account

This all takes just 5 minutes – you can do it online or on the phone with the help of a True Link Customer Advocate


You get this peace of mind for a monthly fee of just $10.00.  Click here for a detailed description of all fees.

“As a fiduciary office, we deal with so many different vendors. It’s great to work with people who really understand our business. You guys are just so great.”

- True Link customer

“I feel like I have my own dedicated representatives for our company at True Link. You always respond promptly and go out of your way to make things easy for us.”

- True Link customer

“True Link is the efficient and quick way to distribute petty cash to clients. I can always access the accounts online.”

- True Link customer
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