Director of Operations

Job description

True Link is a financial technology startup that truly cares about our customers and is constantly improving operations as our customer base rapidly scales. We are in the unique position of being a tech company that materially changes its customers lives for the better. We are looking for someone who is excited about creating the world’s best customer experience for a group of people who have traditionally been underserved by financial institutions.

You will manage the most critical part of our company's operations. Your job is to make sure we deliver a quality experience for our customers today while investing intelligently for even greater scale in the future. You’ll be an influential member of the company’s leadership team, which the expectation that you are continuously growing in your role and expanding your responsibilities and impact.

This means you:

  • Conduct analysis that informs improvements to day-to-day operations and Executive Team decisions
  • Manage and continually adapt the scaling of key business processes to keep up with our rapidly growing customer base
  • Advocate for customers by identifying trends in issues and suggesting improvements to processes, policies and products
  • Work directly with the engineering team to solve immediate problems, automate ongoing processes, and ensure quality of product improvements
  • Become an expert on our operational processes in order to be a resource to teammates
  • Develop and manage relationships with key partners and vendors
  • Will manage and grow a team as responsibilities expand

You have:

  • A social conscience - you care about our social mission 
  • An analytical mind and ability to break down large challenges into manageable steps
  • A desire to have a large scope of responsibility and a huge impact on customers, team, and company
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with an exceptional ability to explain complex issues clearly and succinctly
  • Big-picture thinking plus operational chops. You’re that rare person who can hold an expansive vision in your mind while paying attention to the details 
  • Humility and scrappiness to dig in operationally and be hands-on wherever needed
  • Enthusiasm for tackling a hard problem and solving it; you relish applying your creative problem solving skills to any important challenge, and you work collaboratively with engineers, salespeople, and the support team
  • Genuine curiosity about people and business and the ability to inspire passion in others
  • Interest in learning from feedback and dedication to improving of your skills
  • Empathy with customers and colleagues
  • Excellent Excel skills; SQL skills a major plus
  • Background in consulting or financial services a plus

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