Director of Sales and Marketing

Job description

We're looking for someone with experience in both marketing and sales. You'll sell direct to consumer, to small businesses, and even to larger non-profit organizations. You'll run a cross-disciplinary team of 6 people, all working at various stages of the sales funnel. You'll set marketing strategy, roll out ad campaigns, and use robust metrics to determine winners and quickly sunset what is not working. You'll work with the team to develop new products based on insights gleaned from the sales process, test them while they're in development, and continue refining them based on customer feedback. Finally, when we do have customers on board, you'll be working with them, building deep relationships and making sure that they love what we do.

The linchpin of our marketing strategy is being seen as the experts we are by other trusted providers to people in our target audience – for example, attorneys, nonprofits, financial advisors, and government agencies. We do this in lots of ways: content, sponsorships, networking at conferences, and providing high-touch service to folks who are interested in using our products for their clients. Don't want to network with elder law attorneys and answer their questions about financial services for people with disabilities? This job's not for you!In short, you should be excited to wear lots of hats, because no two days are the same.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Enjoy getting out into the real world to talk with customers and prospective clients, if you look out at a room full of people and see it as 100 people who haven't met you yet... you're on the right track
  • Love evangelizing a product you believe in
  • Be a fantastic writer, whether negotiating by email with potential clients, writing an RFP, or helping put together content for the website
  • Be technically savvy, ready to find the best technology to solve a problem, and then put it in place and make it run
  • Have some proficiency in some (or all) of the following tools: Google Analytics, MailChimp, Base CRM
  • Be really excited to try 50 new things, knowing that 47 of them will fail, then get up and do the same thing again
  • Be self-motivated and persistent

We’re offering a competitive salary and benefits, a meaningful equity stake, lunches and snacks, and the opportunity to work with a talented, mission-driven team.

To apply for a job, email
We’re always hiring, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

To apply for a job, email
We’re always hiring, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.