Case studies

Barbara and Susan

Susan worked with mom Barbara to protect against online charity scams and other fraud.

“It wasn’t something I would have ever expected,” Susan stated, when describing her mother Barbara’s recent financial troubles.“Mom has always been extremely savvy. She traveled internationally as the first female VP for her company. She’s generous, but smart with her finances. I was shocked!”

Despite her savvy-ness, Barbara fell victim to an online charity scam. After receiving an email asking for earthquake relief donations, Barbara went to the charity’s website and donated online. But what seemed like a credible organization was actually a setup. Not only did Barbara lose money, but her personal and financial information were compromised as well. “It took us months to resolve all the fallout. It was a stressful time for the family,” Susan told True Link.

To prevent this from happening again, Susan and Barbara signed up for the True Link Prepaid Visa® Card. As the account administrator, Susan can adjust the card’s settings, review the latest transactions, and receive text alerts about suspicious activity. Meanwhile, Barbara can continue to make purchases she knows are safe. It’s a team effort to ensure that Barbara’s independence, dignity, and financial wellbeing stay secure.

Sample Client Card Settings
  • Block transactions where Barbara is not physically present – so no online, phone, or mail order purchases
  • Block international transactions
  • Block wire transfers or money orders
  • Block charitable donations
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