Case studies

Don and James

James helped father Don keep his finances secure while a caregiver was in the home

Don likes to joke that his son, James, “is just too important to stop by the house and help out.” Truth is, James lives halfway across the country. Ever since Don had a bad fall and needed surgery, James flies back once a month to check in; he wishes it could be more often. “Dad’s mobility just isn’t what it used to be. I want him to be careful, but it’s hard to get him to slow down,” James told True Link.

Last year, James and Don agreed to hire someone for help with errands and driving while Don recovered. However, James felt a bit nervous having a stranger in his dad’s house. “You hear stories about elderly folks getting taken advantage of all the time. I really wanted to keep an eye on dad’s finances and how money was being spent.” 

James and Don set up a True Link Prepaid Visa® Card to provide extra visibility and control around all spending. “Dad’s a routine kind of guy. He’s got his favorite coffee shop, his favorite steak house. He fills his prescriptions once a month, buys groceries on Sundays.” With the True Link Card, 

James can “allow” purchases at all of his dad’s regular spots, but any unusual charges are proactively blocked. At any time, James can view the latest transactions, transfer money onto the card, or add further protections. James noted, “True Link has given both of us peace of mind. I feel like dad’s getting the care he needs, and not being taken advantage of, even when I’m not there in-person. It’s a big relief.”

Sample Client Card Settings
  • Block all purchases except for those at approved merchants
  • Block ATM withdrawals
  • Block in-store cash-back at time of purchase
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