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John and Clients

John sees his law practice grow after connecting families with valuable trustee services

John, the Stein family’s attorney, has been an important legal advisor for the entire household. From the son’s recent fender bender to grandma’s lawsuit with her landlord, his guidance has been essential. But when it came to helping mom, Lisa, manage her daughter’s special needs trust, John was concerned he didn’t have the expertise — or the bandwidth – to provide the support the family needed. 

When John decided to partner with True Link Financial Advisors, the Steins started benefitting right away from a team experienced in helping family members serving as trustees. Managing a trust is complex, as Lisa knows firsthand, but True Link understands her situation, makes it easier to follow compliance rules, and provides other support she didn’t even realize she needed. 

John's partnership with True Link has helped him stay connected with my clients. His practice is expanding, and he's able to provide better support to the Steins and other families about all their legal needs.

* Hypothetical examples are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to represent the past or future performance of any specific investment. All examples are hypothetical and not actual client experience.

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