Case studies

Thomas and Sue

Help managing a special needs trust gives Thomas’s mom the peace of mind she deserves

“As Thomas’s mother and his trustee, I always want to do what’s best for him,” explained Sue. “But managing a special needs trust has been more difficult than I imagined. Sometimes I worry that I’m not making the right choices for him.”

Sue’s son, Thomas, is a 31-year-old man with Down Syndrome. He lives at home with his mother, but maintains a volunteer job and an active social life. Since Thomas was young, it has been important to Sue that her son be as independent as possible. Prior to True Link, she was forced to spend a lot of time managing Thomas’s trust; she stressed about whether she was doing everything she could to protect his benefits eligibility and plan for his long-term needs.

“There’s nights I would just lay in bed praying that I didn’t do something that would upset Medicaid.” Sue exclaimed. “I feel so much more confident about Thomas’s future now that I have some help.” 

Today, True Link’s expert financial advisors take charge of managing Thomas’s money to meet his personal goals and plan for needs further down the road. True Link also works with the family’s attorney to ensure proper legal oversight is in place. As part of the True Link System, Sue uses a True Link Card to help document disbursements from the trust. “It’s such a relief,” Sue said. “Thomas is happy. I’m happy.”

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