True Link Financial Advisors: Meet the Team

At True Link, our investment experts pair over 150 years of financial expertise with our best-in-class technology for trust management and a passion for serving people with disabilities and older adults.

Our investment principles

  • Fiduciary standard
    We always act in our clients’ best interest. Period.
  • No hidden fees or commissions
    We are 100% transparent. We have one low fee to ensure that our motivation is aligned with the health of our clients’ assets.
  • Deep expertise
    Asset management designed specifically for the unique and highly structured framework of trusts, including special needs trusts.

George Guererro

Head of Investments

George has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry at top firms like Prudential, Dreyfus, and global Fortune 500 company AXA Equitable, where he launched a unique fund of funds in the Japanese market.

A proven leader in the industry, George came to True Link to pursue product innovation that he knew could improve lives. He now brings his world-class wealth management experience to True Link's trust clients, helping underserved groups like those with special needs trusts find the financial stability they need. George applies the same rigor he used to manage billions of dollars in allocation models to the fixed-asset-level groups he now supports at True Link.

His passion for serving trust clients and retirees is personal. When George and his family had to create a trust for a family member diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he was stunned by how complex and painful the process was, despite his own considerable professional expertise. He thought, “Ours is just one story, one family, in a sea of millions. How can others possibly navigate this?” He was eager to help True Link craft products that would mean individuals and families in similar situations could have a much simpler and less stressful experience.

George focuses on helping all of True Link’s clients achieve a stream of stable income by taking a disciplined and holistic approach with each of our customized investment options. Beginning with diversified asset-class exposure, he determines a suitable and cost-efficient composition of asset allocations relative to the investment options trusts provide their beneficiaries. As an organization, True Link strongly believes in using the most cost-effective investments to achieve the greatest internal rate of return for all of our clients.

A Rockefeller Fellow, George is grateful to work in the name of the many individuals and families who need this service. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and their two dogs, Duncan and Donut.

George brings a huge depth of experience to True Link Financial from his 20+ years at AXA and Wells Fargo. He was selected as a David Rockefeller Fellow and has an MBA from NYU.

Kai Stinchcombe

Co-founder and CEO

Kai is CEO and co-founder of True Link Financial, combining his experience building data-driven financial products with his passion for helping underserved communities achieve financial security. His deep relationships in Silicon Valley provide sustaining force and financial momentum for True Link’s ability to provide unique, high-quality services to special needs trusts and their beneficiaries. Kai is also the founder of the Roosevelt Institution, a nonprofit that recently celebrated its tenth year, and won a MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

Kai’s experience building data-driven financial products combined with his personal passion for financial security in retirement drove him to launch True Link Financial.

Claire McDonnell

Co-founder and COO

With a background in management consulting, venture capital, and product development, Claire oversees all business and functional units at True Link, while also developing key partnerships and client relationships.

John Hopper

John has worked in investment management and financial services for over 25 years in roles such as Director of Retirement Plan Client Services, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer at major financial institutions, including Fifth Third and BNY Mellon.

Jon Soberg, CFA

Consumer Financial Services

Jon, a Certified Financial Analyst, has over 18 years’ experience in consumer finance and was named one of Forbes’ top financial technology investors in 2015. He is a board member or advisor at Addepar, an investment analytics firm, SixUp, and Kreditech. He also lectures at the Wharton Business School.

Jon has over 18+ years experience in consumer finance and was listed in 2015 as one of Forbes’ top financial technology investors. He also lectures at Wharton Business School.

Bryan Bradford

Brad is Chairman of Austin Capital Bank and First Payment Services, with broad responsibility for oversight, strategy, capitalization, compliance, and risk management. He has two decades of experience as a full-time investor, managing the proceeds resulting from the sale of the J.C. Bradford & Co. brokerage house.

Miles Reidy

Miles has served as CFO of iconic companies such as Capital One Bank, Sears, and Network Solutions – each among the world’s largest companies in its category. He has over three decades of experience in consumer finance and is a board member of the Royal Bank of Canada.

Tom Tinsley

Advisory Director

Tom served as one of twenty directors of General Atlantic, a $21 billion private equity fund, where he worked for fifteen years. Before that he spent 20 years at McKinsey and Company as a director. Currently, he serves on the boards of BMC Software and Guidestar USA.

Tom is an advisory director at General Atlantic, a global private equity firm, where he has worked since 1999. Currently, he serves on the boards of BMC Software, and Guidestar USA, Inc.

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