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True Link Card Featured by Fox News as Senior-Friendly Tech

Published by:
Arden Elizabeth
March 10, 2015

This week, released a list of technology seniors are using to stay better in touch with their families, make their lives easier, and stay safe. We’re thrilled to share that the True Link Card made this list of top five gadgets and is the only product featured that protects older adults from fraud, scams, and financial exploitation. Fox News writes about the card:

This debit card is intended to give seniors a helping hand when they go shopping. It blocks fraudulent activity from known merchants that call and try to get elderly people to sign up for services. Family members can also monitor all charges using a Web interface and block local merchants. If there’s a suspicious charge, family members receive a text message. The card works on the Visa network as a debit card that has a restricted monthly amount.

Click here to learn more about the True Link Card or view the full list of senior-friendly gadgets here.

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