Some of us are leaders in the recovery community. Others have decades of experience providing financial services to people underserved by the industry. The one thing we all have in common: A passion to support individuals recovering from addiction.

Eric Dresdale

Co-founder & Advisor

Eric Dresdale is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of KNWN Technologies, Inc., a software-as-a-service, device-neutral biometric identity and payment platform. Prior to founding KNWN, Mr. Dresdale was the founder and CEO of Next Step Network, a prepaid Mastercard program with customizable spending parameters, designed to help individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. Next Step was acquired by True Link Financial in July 2016.

Kai Stinchcombe

Co-founder and CEO

Kai’s experience building data-driven financial products combined with his personal passion for financial security in retirement drove him to launch True Link Financial.

Kai Stinchcombe is co-founder and CEO of True Link Financial, which provides financial services to older adults, people with disabilities, and people recovering from addiction. Kai’s experience founding successful companies and building data-driven financial products combined with his passion for helping vulnerable individuals achieve financial security led him to launch True Link Financial.

Claire McDonnell

Co-founder and COO

With a background in management consulting, venture capital, and product development, Claire oversees all business and functional units at True Link, while also developing key partnerships and client relationships.

Claire McDonnell is co-founder and COO of True Link Financial. With a background in management consulting, venture capital, and product development, Claire oversees all business and functional units while developing key partnerships and client relationships.

Brent Kirk

Director of Sales and Enrollment

An "unrelenting executionist" and sales leader, Brent manages True Link's sales and enrollment teams, developing partnerships with current and prospective clients.

An "unrelenting executionist" and sales leader, Brent manages True Link's sales and enrollment teams, developing partnerships with current and prospective clients. Brent has over 15 years of sales management successes from pre-IPO startups to Fortune 200 companies. 

Stephan Marion

Enrollment Advisor

Stephan is more than eight and a half years sober, with over eight years of experience in the mental health and substance abuse industry, ranging from sober home management to admissions and business development. Stephan’s passion for helping others has led him to sit on the boards of the Dallas chapter of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) and the Russell Freeman Foundation.

Hanna Marks

Enrollment Advisor

Hanna is a person in recovery. She co-hosts "The Vision" on Recovery Radio.fm and is the founder of Wherehab.com, an advocacy site that helps match people with the right drug treatment center. Hanna is also on the board of Women Empowering Women Palm Beach, a recovered women's non-profit that helps young women in recovery go to college by providing financial support.

Cody Sorells

Enrollment Advisor

Cody is ten years in recovery for substance abuse and mental health treatment. He has 15 years of financial services experience and currently uses a True Link Card for a family member with an active addiction. Cody loves giving back to the recovery community in any way he can.

Advisors and Investors

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The True Link Card for Recovery was created in 2012 by Eric Dresdale and two co-founders who met in Delray Beach, Florida, while recovering from drug and opioid addiction. Their goal was to help people in early recovery avoid relapse by putting into place self-imposed spending restrictions, adding tools for families and sponsors to monitor the situation, and blocking access to cash, bars, liquor stores, and other problem transactions. In 2016, the company found a home within True Link Financial, a firm that provides investment services and financial tools for vulnerable populations, giving the team resources to further develop the life-saving product. The True Link Recovery team includes members on their own recovery journeys who truly understand how the product can transform lives. Since the merger, the business has increased the number of customers served by twentyfold and now partners with families and recovery centers in all 50 states.