True Link helps representative payees serve more clients, more efficiently

Getting personal-needs allowance to your clients can be easier for you and better for them

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Here’s how it works

You and your clients will love the convenience of True Link Visa Cards

  • Our Visa cards can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This means clients can make purchases at their go-to stores, restaurants, and more. In addition, clients can now make purchases over the phone and online, which they cannot do with cash.
  • Our online platform allows you to automatically schedule the transfer of funds to clients. You’ll love the convenience of managing things online, and your clients will love the predictability of knowing when their funds will land on their Visa cards.
  • Using a Visa card instead of checks means cardholders no longer have to pay check-cashing fees and the associated transportation costs — saving them time and money.
  • Cash can be risky, as it can be lost or misplaced. But, if they lose or misplace their True Link Visa Card, the funds are not lost — they’re simply moved to a new Visa card.
  • Funds are FDIC insured¹ and all cards are covered by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy². So both you, and your cardholders, can sleep a little easier at night.
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We love how quickly our clients receive their funds once the transaction is complete. Being able to count on their funds being available when expected is so important for clients with special needs. It gives them a feeling of much needed stability.

It is also very helpful for our payees to be able to track where their clients are spending their funds. It isn’t just about paying the bills, it is about watching for signs they may need help in other areas. Having a True Link Visa Card helps us to serve the “whole” not just the “part.”

— Patti, Rep Payee, Financial Paths

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Save administrative time, so you have more time for clients

  • Send and manage your client’s personal needs allowance, all from the comfort of your computer. No more checks to print, envelopes to stuff, or trips to physically deliver funds — everything can be done online and is accessible 24/7. What will you do with this time back?
  • Mail delays, and other unavoidable challenges can create chaos in your routine and delay disbursements. With True Link, your clients will love the predictability and consistency of receiving funds and you’ll love fewer calls from clients.
  • Tired of slow mail delivery? So are your clients. With True Link, cardholders will love the predictability and consistency of funds delivery, resulting in fewer client phone calls, which you will love.
  • Cardholders can easily see how much money is on their Visa card by logging into their True Link account. We can handle a range of cardholder inquiries, so you can expect fewer phone calls from clients and more time back for yourself.
[We love] the convenience and accountability for safekeeping, the payee as well as for the client. Having the transaction statements available is very helpful but the best part is not having to depend on the USPS to deliver paper checks to the client. The customer service provided by everyone at True Link Financial is outstanding!!!

— Jennifer, Rep Payee

Save money with a Visa card that pays for itself

Example costs per client, per month


In this example, Save $20 per month, per client with True Link

The cost of checks*

True Link

*Our math: If the average check costs $6, including including labor, printing, postage, and you send four checks to each client per month, you're spending $24 per month per client. Source: Analysis conducted by Bank of America and cited by The Wall Street Journal, Smart Payables, and

**The cost of the True Link Prepaid Visa Card may vary based on card or client volume. Get in touch to learn more.

We use True Link Visa Cards for our clients’ petty cash needs, so we can do all the work from the office instead of making unsafe trips to the bank, and back, carrying cash. Our clients are safer too.

— G. Andrews, Jewish Family Service of Tidewater

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