Trust and investment management designed for your family.

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You’d do anything for your family – but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.


Managing a trust is a complex business. Not only does it take a keen understanding of your loved one’s needs, but also operational know-how, benefits expertise, and legal acumen. True Link Financial Advisors is here to help. We work closely with you and your attorney to oversee a smooth process, from wealth management to reporting and compliance, so you can spend time on what matters most – family.

Your Needs

  • Simplify trust management and receive expert support where you need it most
  • Ensure that funds are invested responsibly and in line with the goals of the trust
  • Disburse funds efficiently and document your process
  • Produce detailed records required by the Social Security Administration or Medicaid
  • Prevent funds from being used in a way that compromises eligibility for benefits
  • Maintain proper legal oversight and contact with your family attorney

Our solution

  • Online accounting and trust management system, accessible from anywhere
  • Best-in-class investment advisors focused on prudent wealth management
  • Disbursement system for one-time payments, recurring transfers, or bill pay
  • Recordkeeping, compliance tracking, and easy tax preparation
  • Dedicated account managers who understand your needs
  • Account access for your attorney to review disbursements and provide oversight


Our all-in-one system is easy to learn, use, and operate – you don’t even need separate accounting software. Simply log in via your web browser and access account information from any location with bank-level security. We design our tools to be user-friendly, so there’s no need to worry about visual clutter. With easy-to-read graphs, simple customization features, and even an attorney review button, we’ve made an incredibly complex system feel effortless.


Our wealth management services are designed exclusively for people who rely on their assets to support ongoing needs and ensure a fulfilling life. We manage the funds to make them last and tailor the investment approach to each individual – no one-size-fits-all strategy here. Because of our commitment to serving families like yours, cash management is a core competency of True Link; we focus on meeting your needs while putting more money to work. And best of all, we understand the relationships between family members, fiduciaries, attorneys, and trustees, and allow everyone to work in concert to maximize the beneficiary's quality of life.


Special Needs Trusts  |  Family Trusts  |  Discretionary Trusts  |  Testamentary Trusts  |  Revocable Trusts  |  Irrevocable Trusts  |  Spendthrift Trusts  |  More


Our online disbursement system makes it simple to get your loved one what she needs quickly, easily, and in compliance with the terms of the trust. Make one-time payments, automate bill pay, or set up recurring transfers for preauthorized expenses. You can choose to make these disbursements via check, electronic transfer, or the True Link Card.

“Before we started using True Link, managing my nephew’s trust was a constant stress. They’ve made it so much easier – it’s a relief for all of us.”


We take reporting and compliance seriously. We know that any misstep could compromise your loved one’s financial well-being. Our system ensures efficient and accurate recordkeeping, easy tax preparation, and compliance with the latest rules. It’s easy to demonstrate discretion for approved disbursements and even track spending patterns through our online dashboard.

Check out our trust resources to get clear, reliable information.


True Link’s support team is trained to provide compassionate care to families like yours. You’ll have your own dedicated account manager and a team of on-call experts to meet your needs. Click here to see what family trustees and other customers have to say about True Link.

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