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Best-in-class investment advisory services designed specifically for pooled special needs trusts and the families they support.


Managing a pooled special needs trust is complex. Not only does it take a keen understanding of beneficiary needs, but it also requires investment expertise, operational know-how, and a sharp eye on compliance. True Link Financial Advisors is here to help. Our end-to-end system makes it easier for you to do more for your beneficiaries while reducing risk and saving time. From wealth management to distributions to recordkeeping, we provide the investment advisory, trust accounting, and marketing support you’ve been missing.

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“You know our beneficiaries and treat them with respect."


Our wealth management services are designed exclusively for people who rely on their assets to support ongoing needs and ensure a fulfilling life. We manage the funds to make them last and tailor the investment approach to the people you serve – no one-size-fits-all strategy here. Because of our expertise with this specific population, cash management is a core competency of True Link; we focus on meeting client needs while putting more money to work. And best of all, our team understands the relationships that pooled trusts have with beneficiaries, family members, and other service providers. With True Link Financial Advisors, we allow everyone to work in concert to maximize the beneficiary's quality of life.


We customize our online trust accounting and disbursement system for your organization’s specific roles and needs. With everything in one place, you can say goodbye to clunky accounting software. Simply log in online and access account information from any location with bank-level security. Adjustable user access levels and a one-click disbursement approval process make it easy to record discretion. Beneficiaries can even submit disbursement requests online or via mobile phone, and they’re instantly uploaded. It’s an incredibly complex system – that feels effortless.


True Link partners with more pooled special needs trusts than any other financial institution in America. 


Our online disbursement system makes it simple to get beneficiaries what they need quickly, easily, and in compliance with the terms of the trust. Make one-time payments, automate bill pay, or set up recurring transfers for preauthorized expenses. Choose to make these disbursements via checks to merchants, electronic transfers, or the True Link Card.

Interested to hear how pooled trusts and other customers benefit from using True Link? View our online case studies to learn more.


When it comes to relationships, reach, and reputation in your community, you’re the expert. To help your organization grow, we handle the behind-the-scenes work so you can make the most of your connections. Our team provides expertise in all aspects of marketing – building websites, crafting brochures and instructional videos, conducting digital marketing, and developing content strategy. With these tools, we directly support your growth and provide the technology needed to facilitate sign-ups.


We understand that any misstep could compromise a beneficiary’s well-being or eligibility for benefits – that’s why we take compliance and reporting so seriously. Our system ensures efficient and accurate recordkeeping, easy tax preparation, and compliance with the latest rules. It’s easy to demonstrate discretion for approved disbursements – something that the Social Security Administration requires of trustees.

“I couldn’t run my business without True Link. There is absolutely no way I could serve the number of beneficiaries I’m serving and provide them with this level of service.”


With True Link, you’ll have a dedicated financial advisor and account manager who will ensure you have access to best-in-class tools and strategies for trust administration. And our customer support team isn’t just here for you – they’re trained to provide compassionate care to the populations you serve.

Our call center can take the day-to-day questions off your plate, making it quicker and easier for your beneficiaries to get the information they need about balances, transactions, and funding requests. Click here to see what pooled trusts and other customers have to say about True Link.

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