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Help safeguard the finances of the people you support

Families and individuals use the True Link Visa® Prepaid Card to help protect the finances and independence of the people they care for — such as those who are aging, living with a disability, or in recovery.

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Manage spending and access to money

Use the True Link Spending Monitor to help protect daily spending and safeguard against fraud by customizing where the Visa card works and where it doesn't.

  • Set spending limits for certain stores and store types
  • Block trouble spots like bars and casinos
  • Allow or restrict access to cash and ATMs
  • Freeze or replace a Visa card if it gets lost or stolen
  • Send funds directly to the Visa card at any time
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Our Visa cards work everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, helping those you care for make everyday purchases with ease.
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Customer love for the True Link VISA Card

Proudly serving families with a
variety of complex needs

True Link has been amazing for my son and our family! Our son has been able to have more control and independence allowing him to reclaim responsible behavior. All of us have a much better life with your service.”
Kathleen Mother of son in recovery
The True Link Visa Card provided invaluable control and security as I managed my elderly parents’ finances from afar. I can’t thank you enough!”
Harry Caring for his elderly parents
You guys were a lifesaver. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. When I found you I was at my wit’s end. It’s ALL about dignity and giving them a sense of freedom.”
Sandy G.
I got the True Link Visa Card for my elderly mother and it’s been very useful. It allows me to block phone charities and scams which take advantage of her reduced capacity while keeping her phone open for our calls. It has more than paid for itself!”
Edward C. Caring for their elderly mother
I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find True Link when Mom got involved with fraud. The Visa Card has been a lifesaver!”
This Visa Card is such a blessing. My dad tried to purchase another magazine subscription yesterday - same company from a week ago. The charge would not go through — yeah!! My dad is a brilliant man in every way - would never have fallen for all these constant telemarketing scams.”
Dianne D. Caring for their elderly father
Thank you so much for your kindness to my mother on the phone. The caretaker told me how wonderful your customer service rep was to my mother… let me say again how grateful we are for your service. We could not survive without you.”
Anonymous Family member caring for their mother

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