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Older Adults

People with Disabilities

People in Recovery

Older adults

Life challenge:

My brother and I started managing our 83-year-old mom’s finances when she started losing hundreds of dollars a month to sham charity telemarketers.


A True Link Visa Prepaid Card with customizable online settings that Mom can use everywhere she needs to but that automatically prevents payments to telemarketers and alerts* me about any large purchases.

*Standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply

People with disabilities

Life challenge:

My adult daughter has Down Syndrome and has a small trust from her grandparents that allows her to pay for travel to Special Olympics activities and visits to her siblings in other states.


A True Link Protection Visa Prepaid Card allows her to have her own way of paying for those special expenses without running afoul of the Social Security Administration’s guidelines and risking eligibility for her benefits and health care through Medicaid. 

People in recovery

Life challenge:

My adult son is in the early stages of recovery from a drug addiction. I want to give him some spending money for necessities, but giving him cash exposes him to the risk of relapse.


A True Link Next Step Visa Prepaid Card that he can use for groceries and gas, but that prevents access to cash and doesn’t allow any purchases late at night when he’s at the most risk of relapse.

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True Link Visa Prepaid Card

Families and professionals rely on the life-enhancing True Link Visa Prepaid Card to protect loved ones, clients, and beneficiaries. From the True Link online dashboard, customize settings to meet the needs and circumstances of different life situations, easily add funds, and provide safer access to spending money.

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True Link Investment Advisory

Our investment management services are designed for people with disabilities, vulnerable older adults, and others with fiduciary accounts.

Our trust administration software and record-keeping platform supports budgeting, disbursements, reporting, communication, and helps you protect government benefits, and more.


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Cash and merchant settings.

Select funding option.

Block online and phone purchases.

Notifications preferences.*

       *Standard text message rates, fees, and charges may apply.

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True Link Visa Prepaid Card

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