True Link increases the independence and financial well-being of vulnerable individuals. The company provides financial tools that can be self-managed or administered by family members, trusted friends, or professionals.

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Fast Facts from the True Link 2014 Fraud Study Report

The latest research shows that financial exploitation of seniors is 12 times worse than previously estimated.

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Financial Tools Can Better Support Adults with Disabilities

We partnered with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and Quality Trust to ask adults with disabilities: What are your needs around money management?

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True Link Case Studies:
Profiles of Real Life Customers

Curious about the types of people who benefit from True Link? Check out our Case Studies page to learn more.

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“We deal with so many different vendors. It’s great to work with people who really understand our business. You guys are just so great.”

- True Link Customer

• • •

"True Link has been amazing for my family. I like the ability to prevent certain transactions, while still giving my brother the freedom to pay for things. He’s become much more self-sufficient, and I’ve become less concerned. It’s a relief for both of us."

- True Link Customer

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"I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. I’ve always had trouble with managing money and overspending. Normally, someone has to help me and I feel bad constantly asking for help. True Link has made it possible for me to decide card settings that work for me."

- True Link Cardholder

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Our Story

“…they were shocked to learn that she was being conned out of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings.”
Five years ago, True Link CEO Kai Stinchcombe and his family discovered that his grandmother was writing as many as seventy-five checks to fake charities every month. They knew she was a charitable person, but were shocked to learn that she was being conned out of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings. There were no good solutions – either they could take away her checkbook, her financial independence, and her pride, or spend countless hours monitoring her finances and having difficult conversations.

We created True Link to help the millions of families like Kai’s stay protected against financial abuse. Today, professionals, families, and individuals use our tools to not only guard against fraud and scams, but also to disburse funds, help with money management, and enable greater financial independence. At True Link, we believe that everyone should have the right to spend their own money – safely.
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