Our Vision for Impact

True Link exists to provide life-changing financial solutions for people with complex needs and the people who care for them. We founded the company to make life better for our own loved ones, and we’re honored to serve vulnerable elders, people with disabilities, and people in recovery – and their families and professional caregivers – day in and day out.

As a mission-driven company focused on financial inclusion, we track all kinds of qualitative and quantitative data about our impact on those we serve – here are some highlights.

Why True Link’s mission matters: caregivers need support

  • One in three households provides care to a family member
  • An average family caregiver spends over 20 hours on caregiving
  • 40-70% of caregivers experience depression, emotional drain, and health issues
  • 87% of caregivers to people recovering from addiction say banks do not offer enough help
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What users say about True Link

  • 99% rated the customer support we provide as "Great"
  • 81% said our services increase the cardholder's independence and dignity
  • 80% described specific practical benefits to those we serve
  • 97% would recommend True Link to a friend

Who puts their trust in True Link

  • 75+ government agencies rely on True Link to support at-risk individuals
  • 250+ banks and trust companies choose True Link
  • 300+ nonprofits count on True Link to help them serve their clients
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How True Link impacts financial inclusion

  • Many of those we serve would not have access to core financial services without True Link
  • True Link services are overwhelmingly used for day-to-day purchases under $250
  • Estimated savings of $7.4m in check cashing fees
  • Helping prevent an estimated $100m in fraud targeting customers aged 60+