How we protect customer data

To help protect your data we do the following:

An illustration of two credit cards

All sensitive card data is stored on PCI compliant systems

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When you share data with us, we protect its privacy in transit with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Within our system, sensitive data is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256)

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We run on secured cloud infrastructure to improve our ability to meet core security and compliance requirements

An illustration of a lock and a shield

Our security controls are monitored to improve how we protect your data and our system.

An illustration of face identification software

We use two-factor authentication to protect critical systems and to authenticate administrator access by True Link employees for internal systems. Our software platform supports two-factor authentication for those administering True Link Visa Cards or investment accounts.

True Link Financial will never ask for your full card number or password by email or over the phone. If you are asked for this information please hang up the phone or do not reply to the email, and alert us by forwarding the suspicious email to, or sending us an email about a suspicious call.

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