About us

True Link exists to provide life-changing financial solutions for people with complex needs and the people who care for them. We founded the company to make life better for our own loved ones, and we’re honored to serve vulnerable elders, people with disabilities, and people in recovery – and their families and professional caregivers – day in and day out.

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About us

Our Mission

We’re a caring, diverse, values-driven company, with customers who say things like, “Your company saved my marriage,” “If not for True Link my Son would have returned to substance use,” and “This is the single best product I have ever experienced.” We’re a fast-growing fintech startup that also gets to provide our customers a life-changing solution to some of the most deeply personal, important problems in their lives.

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What we stand for

We are a mission-driven company that operates from a set of five values.

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    We engage with others from a place of self-awareness, respect, and compassion.

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    We strive to make True Link a continuously more welcoming and more just community.

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    We care about the people we serve, and about each other.

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    We are passionate about serving the eleven million people who need our services.

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    We hold ourselves to high standards, individually and collectively.

The backstory

Like most successful ideas, True Link was founded to solve a clear and immediate problem.

When the lifestyle of a beloved, aging grandmother was threatened by the risks of financial abuse, fraud, and scams, company co-founder Kai Stinchcombe set out to find a solution. The card succeeded in providing the protections his grandmother needed and the increased independence he and his family wished for her.

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Since then, True Link has worked to expand and build upon the concept of adaptive financial products and services

We have evolved our offerings to meet the needs of a broader set of people with complex needs and those who care for them. This includes people in recovery, people with disabilities and their caregivers – from family members to attorneys to recovery centers.

Everything we do is focused on making it easier for those who care for others to do what they do best – support the independence and joy of the people who need them.

Life’s complex, we get it - we’re here to help make things simpler

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