Help manage the spending of in-home care providers

The True Link Visa® Prepaid Card helps professionals and families set where and when in-home care providers can make purchases to help ensure funds for daily care are spent appropriately.

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Manage spending and access to money

Use the True Link Spending Monitor to help set where and when an in-home care provider can use the Visa card and be confident they are using funds appropriately.

  • Ensure approved purchases for groceries, prescriptions, and more
  • Set limits for where care providers can spend
  • Prevent cash access and ATM withdrawals
  • Track spending with real-time purchase alerts
  • Freeze or replace a Visa card if it gets lost or stolen
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Our Visa cards work everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, helping care providers you work with make necessary purchases with ease.
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Customer love for the True Link VISA Card

Serving those who help manage the spending
of in-home care providers

My mom requires all-day care, though she lives across the country from me. [...] With True Link, I have comfort knowing that funds are being spent on my mom’s needs despite me not being there to supervise. I can track purchases, get alerts, and also reload the card with money easily.”
Kathleen Mother of son in recovery
The True Link Visa Card provided invaluable control and security as I managed my elderly parents’ finances from afar. I can’t thank you enough!”
Harry Caring for his elderly parents
Thank you so much for your kindness to my mother on the phone. The caretaker told me how wonderful your customer service rep was to my mother… let me say again how grateful we are for your service. We could not survive without you.”
Anonymous Family member caring for their mother
The True Link card gives us independence, autonomy, and security for our family member. The site allows for control and versatility and provides excellent record keeping for transactions. We are very pleased with the service and the staff.”
Sandy G.
Your system you have created has been very beneficial to our family. It has worked well to manage the financial affairs of our sister with special needs, and we only have high praise for how easy it is to work with. Thank you!”
Edward C. Caring for their elderly mother

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The Visa card will typically arrive in the mail within 7-10 business days after an order is placed.

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3. Activate and fund

Follow a few simple steps to activate the Visa card and connect an existing bank account to add funds.

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4. Set up spending rules

Customize from over 50 categories, plus the ability to block or allow specific vendors, set cash access, and more.

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5. Download the app

Use our mobile app to track spending, send funds, block purchases, and more while on the go.

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