Recovery support – balancing safety and independence.

Recovery centers can go cashless with a True Link Next Step Visa Prepaid Card for client spending on discretionary items.

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Recovery process aided by eliminating cash.

Whether residents need a toothbrush, a prescription, or self-care, recovery centers often struggle with making funds available for client discretionary spending. With all the logistical and safety concerns that arise when residents are given cash, how can people in recovery get what they need without being exposed to risk?

Some recovery centers purchase items on their clients' behalf; others carefully allocate cash, collect receipts, and manually monitor spending. It takes time and resources to safely administer these funds.

With the True Link Visa Card, you can eliminate cash and automate bookkeeping. Our platform has spending controls and restrictions to give people in recovery access to funds for necessities with protections that can reinforce staying sober even as they transition to the next level of care. Treatment programs also use our Visa cards in their life-skills training to help reinforce financial wellness.

Streamline operational efficiency, help protect sober living, and promote financial wellness with this helpful recovery tool.

A financial tool to help support recovery and make your center more efficient.


Block access to cash.

Some settings to support recovery.

Set budgets and curfews.

Family funds card.

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True Link Next Step Visa Prepaid Card

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