The True Link
Visa® Prepaid Card

A tool to help caregivers protect the finances of an older adult. Send money, block merchants, track purchases, get alerts, and more.

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One account, two experiences.

The True Link Visa Card Admins and Cardholders have unique options and log-ins.

Help protect spending

Set spending rules for how the Visa card can be used

Access your account on the go

A mobile app for Card Admins and Cardholders

Learn how Leslie helped her aging mother

Leslie, a True Link customer, shares how the True Link Visa card helps her aging mother with dementia have the financial independence to live her best life.


Help protect your loved one’s spending with the True Link Visa Prepaid Card

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Frequently Asked Questions

Full featured True Link Visa Prepaid Card $12/month.* True Link’s Spending Monitor allows the card administrator to customize spending settings on purchases uniquely to allow or block categories of spending like “Allow Pharmacies” or “Block Cash”. Clients have access to dedicated customer support for both cardholders and card administrators. As well as access to experienced and empathetic professionals who are ready to help whenever needed.

It depends. You can choose to block or allow withdrawals at ATMs based on the needs of the cardholder.

You can also block access to cash in a variety of ways including: blocking withdrawals inside a bank (i.e., getting cash from a teller at a bank) and, blocking cash-back at time of purchase.

True Link Financial, Inc. is a financial technology company and not a bank. Banking services are provided by Sunrise Banks N.A. Your funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Sunrise Banks, N.A., Member FDIC. All True Link Visa Cards are protected from fraud under Visa's Zero Liability Policy1 and Regulation E, so customers have recourse if they do experience fraud on their cards and report that to our team.

If a True Link Visa Card has been lost or stolen, you can immediately disable the Visa card to prevent additional transactions and protect against fraud. If the Visa card needs to be replaced, you can close the account and order a replacement. All of this can be done online, via our 24/7 automated phone system (1-866-984-8576), or by speaking with a Customer Support representative at (1-866-984-8576) during standard business hours. Once the new Visa card arrives and is activated, any funds remaining on the lost Visa card will be automatically transferred to the new Visa card.