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Financial solutions for the professionals who serve others

True Link* simplifies spending management, investing, and record-keeping for professional trustees, fiduciaries, guardians, and more

A card that makes your job easier, and their life better

Thousands of professionals rely on True Link to protect their clients’ spending

  • Professional-grade tools to manage spending for dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of clients
  • Customizable spending controls to help guard against high-risk purchases
  • Integrated recordkeeping, reporting, notifications, and more
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Investment Management for Trustees, Fiduciaries, and Guardians

True Link provides seamless investment management*, payments, and recordkeeping for the experts who serve others

  • Modern, personalized investment management for professionals
  • Decades of experience in fiduciary services and investing for special needs
  • Simpler financial management with integrated distributions, cash management, and recordkeeping

Innovative Solutions for
Representative Payees

True Link has built a set of unique solutions custom-tailored to the needs of Representative Payees to save you time and cost while allowing you to better serve your beneficiaries.

Learn more about Representative Payees
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Customer love for the True Link VISA Card

Proudly partnering with professionals

We serve: Professional Fiduciaries & Guardians, Representative Payees, Special Needs Trustees, VA Fiduciaries, and more

My beneficiaries love the True Link card. I love the ease of obtaining reports and the ability to track spending in real-time.”
Family Network on Disabilities
We tried our usual route for debit cards (a local bank) but they were unfamiliar while working with conservatorship cases - you all know the drill. Most companies don’t understand these messy cases… but True Link has no problem setting it up and I am really pleased with everything I can do with it.”
Ronnie C. Gutierrez Care Manager
The True Link Visa Card is such a tool for my people. This is where my heart lies. I want them to be able to have a sense of independence and to learn life skills.”
S. Katzen Attorney trustee, Newport Beach CA
I love the quick and easy way we can set up and personalize each client’s account, and can so quickly make changes.”
JLA Special Needs Trust
I use True Link for several clients; it’s very user-friendly. I love how you can set purchase parameters on the account and view purchase transactions.”
Dawn M.
We use True Link Visa Cards for our clients’ petty cash needs so we can do all the work from the office instead of making unsafe trips to the bank and back carrying cash. Our clients are safer too.”
G. Andrews Jewish Family Service of Tidewater

All quotes refer to the True Link Visa Prepaid Card and the associated True Link Platform provided by True Link Financial, Inc. and not the investment advisory services provided by True Link Financial Advisors, LLC.

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