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A Guide to Choosing and Implementing CRM Tools for Non-Profit Trustees

A Guide to Choosing and Implementing CRM Tools for Non-Profit Trustees


In this free guide you will learn about:

Why non-profit trustees use CRMs

In recent years, more and more non-profit trustees are moving away from manual practices and legacy systems towards cloud-based solutions, which can offer more flexibility and scalability. In the past, these organizations may have only used CRMs for basic contact management or donor tracking, but the role of CRMs has evolved to become a powerful enabler of beneficiary communication, team collaboration, and operational efficiency.

How non-profit trustees are using CRMs today

Modern CRMs track, manage, and enable work to progress and decisions to be made by providing a 360-degree view of an organization’s relationships, communications, and processes. Whether you already have a CRM or are considering one, learn more about how non-profit trustees are using CRMs today.

Tips for choosing the right CRM for your organization

Picking the right CRM for your needs can go a long way to ensure the tool you choose actually delivers value to your organization. In addition to considering the functionality required, explore other factors that non-profit trustees should keep in mind.

Implementation dos and don’ts

Getting any new tool set up correctly for your team can feel daunting. While it’s great to work with someone with a technical background — whether in-house or a third-party — it’s helpful to create clear guidance on how to implement the solution to meet your needs. As you navigate your CRM implementation, learn the dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Compounding benefits of integrating with True Link

On their own, a CRM or the True Link Financial Suite can help improve how you manage your organization’s relationships or your beneficiaries’ needs. But weaving these two tools together can provide even greater benefits. Explore a deeper dive into what an integrated experience can provide.

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