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Answering Questions About True Link's New Look

Answering Questions About True Link's New Look


Why did you update the website?

As a mission-focused company, we are constantly striving to do better and reach more people. This new version of the site was driven by customer insights from families and professionals like you, along with modern accessibility standards. The goal of the new site experience is that it’s easier to navigate, more accessible, and representative of everyone we serve — we hope you like it!

Does this change where I sign in? Fund accounts? Download reports?

Nope! You may see new colors or styles, but everything continues to function the same way as it did before. 

I liked the blue. Why did you change it to green?

We like blue too! We felt green shared a lot of qualities we like about blue, with the added benefits of feeling warm and welcoming. We strive to be ‘warm and welcoming’ in everything we do, from your first interaction on our website to your day-to-day interactions with our customer support team.

How do I know I’m on the right website?

If you’re on, you’re in the right place! Though our colors have changed, the rest of your online experience should operate nearly the same as it did before.

Are there any accessibility upgrades?

Yes, our new color scheme includes higher contrast color, more legible fonts, and is compatible with screen readers for those with visual impairments. In fact, the new site has achieved the highest accessibility rating in recent tests and we’re committed to continuing to maintain this high standard! If you have any accessibility questions or suggestions, please let us know.

I give brochures to my clients but they’re in the old colors. Can I have new ones?

Yes, soon! We’re in the process of updating all of our existing brochures to reflect the new and improved True Link. Please contact us if you’d like new brochures, and we’ll send them out to you once they’re ready.

Will the True Link Visa® Prepaid Cards look the same?

Great question. Yes, for now, they will look the same. But keep an eye out for new card designs in the near future!

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