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A Better Way for Special Needs Trusts to Disburse Funds and Protect Benefits Eligibility


Special needs trusts (SNTs) are an essential financial tool for individuals with disabilities and their families. They are put in place to enhance quality of life while protecting eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits. But in order for an SNT to ensure this protection, it is critical that both the trustee and the beneficiary adhere to the Social Security Administration’s rules about income and resources. Unfortunately, guidelines on how to remain compliant are difficult to follow and can often be left to interpretation.

Fortunately, the True Link Card makes it easier for the administrators to comply with these requirements and also improves how funds are disbursed to beneficiaries. Last week, Elder Law Answers shared how True Link is helping SNTs, guardians, and representative payees better manage their trusts and provide for their beneficiaries needs. If you are a member of ELA, you can click here to view the full post.

You can also visit our professional page for more information and sign up for a webinar to learn more! If you’d like to receive a copy of the Compliance Guide and Toolkit (prepared by attorney Stephen W. Dale) that provides SNTs with useful templates for implementing the True Link Card, send an email to

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