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Giving the Gift of Independence to Your Elderly Loved One | True Link

Giving the Gift of Independence to Your Elderly Loved One | True Link


When you become concerned about an elderly loved one, it is easy to overreact or jump to extreme measures in order to keep them safe. But doing so is often unnecessary at early stages and many aggressive care solutions can destroy their independence and – as a result – their self-esteem, happiness, and overall well-being.

There are some smart first steps you can take to protect your loved one, and this holiday season is the perfect time to give them the gift of independence while giving yourself peace of mind. Here are some products and services available that help keep seniors safe while preserving their freedom and dignity:

If your concern is in-home safety you should try Lively or GrandCARE. Keeping tabs on your elderly relative’s safety in the home doesn’t require a live-in caregiver or obtrusive video cameras in every room. Instead, try one of these convenient monitoring systems made up of discreet sensors that track eating habits and daily activity patterns that can be easily monitored online or via alerts. You’ll know mom or dad is safe and sound without impeding on their personal space and privacy before it’s time. And if they have an emergency – like a fall – they can alert the proper authorities.

If your concern is financial exploitation or fraud you should try True Link. When you’re worried about mom’s financial security and vulnerability to scams, it can be easy to overreact by taking away her checkbook and managing her every transaction. With True Link, this isn’t necessary – you can protect her from fraud and predatory marketing while giving her the freedom to make regular purchases on her own. You can also monitor her accounts behind the scenes to detect any unusual patterns of activity that could put her at risk.

If your concern is wandering or getting lost you could try Aetrex or KMS. Want to know where your loved one is without having to follow them around or putting them under house arrest? A number of GPS devices may offer a solution. From GPS shoes like Aetrex to wristbands like KMS (Lively has one too) you can find an option that works for your family member. It’s important to select a device that they’ll wear consistently.

If your concern is leaving the oven on you should try CookStop or HomeSense Enterprises. Turning off the stove or oven is something all of us forget to do from time to time, so it’s important to protect our vulnerable loved ones from this potentially costly and dangerous mistake. You don’t need to restrict cooking or disable the oven to prevent the house from catching fire, try one of these options to make sure heating components aren’t left on too long.

A decline in cognitive function doesn’t mean it’s time to take away your loved one’s independence. Consider these and other alternatives before taking overly-drastic measures to protect mom or dad.

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