PSNT Whitepaper: Trends and Innovations in the PSNT World

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A 2021 Publication of True Link Financial

Across Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT) organizations, there are diverse approaches to doing the work of trust administration. Paired with this diversity is a profound commonality: PSNT leaders have a fierce appetite for learning from each other and working to improve.

At True Link, we support these improvement efforts — through our caring and specialized team, our technology built for PSNTs, and by sharing what we learn from the dozens of dedicated PSNT leaders we work with each and every day.

This unique vantage point allows us to see data from a wide range of organizations and to hear impactful stories of innovation from all across the field.

In our 2021 whitepaper “Trends and Innovations in the PSNT World,” we analyze anonymized disbursement data trends from dozens of trusts within our network. In addition, we’ve included detailed case studies showing how PSNTs have enhanced their service offerings in new and creative ways like:

To read the full case study, please download a copy here.

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