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Emily Smith and True Link Award

New True Link Scholarship Promotes Best Practices in Guardianship

New True Link Scholarship Promotes Best Practices in Guardianship


For years, the True Link Card has helped guardians, conservators, and fiduciaries support their clients’ independence and protect their budgets.‍

At its best, guardianship provides necessary, and often lifesaving support, for people in complex situations – ensuring, for example, that individuals will receive food, housing, and medical care that they might not be able to consistently obtain for themselves. Roughly 1.3 million Americans are currently served by guardians or conservators.

“Across the country, advocates and participants in the industry have been working tirelessly, and often thanklessly, to establish systems and improve the rigor of the practice of guardianship – to make sure the field consistently reflects guardianship at its best rather than guardianship at its worst,” said Kai Stinchcombe, CEO, True Link Financial.

As part of our commitment to those who require continuing support from guardians, fiduciaries, and conservators, we are honored to announce the annual True Link Financial Scholarship to Promote Best Practices in Guardianship.

“For years, True Link has been committed to helping guardians and their clients by providing better financial tools. With this scholarship, we are hoping to amplify the voices of those who are committed to ongoing improvement of the practice of guardianship through the promotion of professional standards, education, proper governance and oversight, enhancing the quality of services, supporting clients’ independence, and more,” said Mr. Stinchcombe.

The demand for highly-qualified, dedicated guardians and conservators is likely to expand as our aging population grows, and people live longer lives and have increasingly complex needs. At True Link, it is our great honor to support those who devote themselves to protecting the well-being and financial security of their clients, and help to safeguard adults who are at risk of fraud and exploitation.

True Link’s commitment.

True Link is committed to supporting those who work tirelessly to protect the well-being and financial security of their clients under guardianship or conservatorship, and help to safeguard vulnerable adults from fraud and exploitation.

What is the True Link Scholarship?

The True Link Financial Scholarship to Promote Best Practices in Guardianship will be awarded annually to a recipient who is a field builder – someone actively involved in advancing the field through the implementation and dissemination of best practices in guardianship.

The scholarship includes $2,500 to be used for activities devoted to sharing best practices in guardianship, such as traveling to other regions to present best practices at conferences or other organizations; developing webinars to share valuable knowledge; funding trainings to strengthen partnerships; conducting a pilot project; or other, similar endeavors.

Introducing our inaugural recipient: Emily Smith.

We are delighted to award the inaugural scholarship to someone we consider a field builder: Emily Smith, Executive Director of the Wyoming Guardianship Corporation. To continue her work, Emily plans to use the scholarship funds to develop a webinar to share best practices with family guardians across the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Guardianship Corporation is so excited to have been chosen for this award. We are looking forward to utilizing the funds to make virtual and online trainings readily accessible for guardians and potential guardians in extremely frontier areas of Wyoming. Our hope is that even people in the most rural areas understand and feel comfortable with guardianship best practices and person-centered care!

Want to learn more?

You can submit nominations for yourself or on behalf of someone else by completing the nomination form located at or speak with us at the annual National Guardianship Association conference. We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 True Link Financial Scholarship to Promote Best Practices in Guardianship.

At True Link, we recognize the value that sharing best practices has in strengthening our nation’s system overseeing guardianship or conservatorship. For further information, contact us at

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