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True Link Financial announces new partnership with Lyft

True Link Financial announces new partnership with Lyft


True Link Financial, a nationwide financial services company that supports the independence and financial well-being of seniors and adults with disabilities, and Lyft, a ridesharing company that matches people with local drivers at the tap of a button, have announced a partnership to benefit older adults. The partnership provides True Link customers with a safe, convenient, and affordable transportation solution.

It is our mission at Lyft to reconnect communities through more effective transportation and, without question, this includes our aging population,” explained Gyre Renwick, Head of Healthcare Enterprise Partnerships at Lyft. “Lyft is a helpful solution for senior transportation needs. Enabling Lyft on the True Link platform will help even more people get where they need to go.

Through this partnership, True Link customers now have the option of using a True Link Card – the company’s customizable payment card that protects against financial abuse – as the primary payment mechanism for Lyft rides. Charges are automatically deducted from the card, making it easier than ever for older adults to maintain their independence and mobility, as well as their financial security.

Travis Strayer, True Link's National Director of Sales, noted that there are far-reaching implications for this partnership, even beyond those for older adults. "Seniors are just one group that could be better served by new technologies," said Strayer. "Affordable, reliable, accessible transportation is a real need for people with disabilities as well. And for those with special needs trusts, keeping track of expenditures is an essential part of protecting government benefits like SSI and Medicaid. Lyft plus True Link makes this happen. We're really excited to see Lyft think beyond the usual and use their services to empower people."

As part of the partnership, True Link cardholders get $50 in free-ride credits when they sign up for the service. For more information about this partnership, please visit or contact True Link at

About True Link Financial.

True Link Financial is a San Francisco-based company committed to increasing the independence and financial well-being of seniors, adults with disabilities, and vulnerable individuals. The company provides tools that can be self-managed or administered by family members or professionals, such as trust administrators, guardians, and representative payees. True Link’s offerings include True Link Financial Protection, an online tool to help monitor personal accounts for financial exploitation; the True Link Card, a reloadable payment card that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual; and True Link Financial Advisors, the company's wealth management division, offering a diverse suite of investment and capital planning solutions.

About Lyft.

Lyft was founded in June 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer to reconnect people and communities through better transportation. Lyft is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S. and is available in more than 200 cities. Lyft is preferred by drivers and passengers for its safe and friendly experience, and its commitment to affecting positive change for the future of our cities.

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