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True Link Grant Promotes Best Practices in Person-Centered Support

True Link Grant Promotes Best Practices in Person-Centered Support


For years, True Link has been on a mission to empower guardians, conservators, and fiduciaries as they support their clients’ independence and well-being. As a part of that mission, True Link offers an annual grant to support those who are actively working to promote standards, collaboration, and robust systems of oversight in person-centered support. It’s awarded to field builders — those advancing the field through the implementation and dissemination of best practices that support guardians and the vulnerable individuals they work to serve day in and day out.

For 2021, we are pleased to announce that Angela Blevins has been selected as the recipient of our Grant for Best Practices in Person-Centered Support!

Angela Blevins is a Director of Guardianship Services at Achieva Resources Corporation, Inc, in Indiana, where she has been serving as a dedicated guardian for more than a decade. In her practice, she guides the care of her clients through person-centered planning and is committed to Supportive Decision Making, the practice of helping individuals make their own choices in order to safeguard their autonomy. She also leads training for community, state, and national audiences on Supported Decision Making, including at the National Guardianship Association’s National Conference. Under Angela's thoughtful leadership, her agency was able to successfully move the first individual from guardianship to a Supported Decision Making agreement in the state of Indiana.

“Across the country, advocates and professionals in the industry have been working tirelessly, and often thanklessly, to establish systems and improve the rigor of the practice of guardianship, conservatorship, and fiduciary services to make sure the field consistently reflects person-centered care at its best,” said Kai Stinchcombe, Founder, and CEO of True Link.

With this grant, we hope to amplify the voices of those who are leading the field to achieve its highest aspirations for person-centered support and enhancing the lives of vulnerable individuals every day.

Are you interested in nominating yourself or someone else for this grant? Be on the lookout as nominations open for our 2022 Grant for Best Practices in Person-Centered Support soon.

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