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True Link Honors Recipient of 2023 Grant For Best Practices in Person-Centered Support

True Link Honors Recipient of 2023 Grant For Best Practices in Person-Centered Support


For years, True Link has been on a mission to empower professionals who support their clients’ independence and well-being. As a part of that mission, True Link offers an annual grant to support those who are actively working to promote standards, collaboration, transparency, and robust systems of oversight in person-centered support. It’s awarded to field-builders — those advancing the field through the implementation and dissemination of best practices that support guardians, trustees, and the individuals they work to serve day in and day out. 

We are pleased to announce that Michelle Rudoff has been selected as the recipient of our 2023 Grant for Best Practices in Person-Centered Support!

Michelle Rudoff is both a staff member and someone who receives services at The Arc New York, Nassau County Chapter (AHRC Nassau) as she was diagnosed at an early age with Cerebral Palsy. Michelle eventually transitioned to adult services and began receiving residential and day habilitation services at AHRC Nassau. She quickly became involved in advocacy, through leading and participating in three internal advocacy councils at the organization and has held many Board positions.

Michelle has been employed at AHRC Nassau for the past 11 years as a Quality Enhancement Advocate and Trainer, and she also participates in the agency's strategic planning and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. Her work ethic and quality of work have proven to be exceptional. During her time with AHRC Nassau, a few of Michelle’s many accomplishments include:

-Advocated for agency policy change so that each person and their planning team uses a person-centered planning approach to listen, discover, and understand how the person wants to live, and describe what support is needed to help them move toward a life they consider meaningful and happy.

-Led the development of a person-centered packet that is completed for each person who received services at AHRC Nassau.

-Helped serve as the lead in a Food Insecurity fundraiser event that led to her raising 3,000 pounds of food for people in the community experiencing food insecurity. She continues with these efforts today.

Michelle is known to be a big source of support to others that cannot speak up for themselves and she is a Rights Ambassador — meaning she not only exercises her own rights, but she also serves as a role model to others and assists them with exercising their rights as well. Michelle also independently participates in many advocacy ventures at AHRC Nassau and most recently, Michelle was appointed as the goal leader for the agency’s Person-Centered Excellence Goal for person-centered planning.

"I feel that the True Link grant will help people live the life of their dreams and a life they rightfully and truly deserve. I would like to thank True Link for their generous Grant. The citizens of AHRC Nassau will benefit from this." - Michelle

Michelle is a compassionate, talented person who works daily to improve the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, through sharing her own story, educating others, and creating opportunities for her peers.

With this grant, we hope to amplify the voices of those who are leading the field to achieve its highest aspirations for person-centered support, helping promote transparency and personal decision making, and enhancing the lives of individuals every day.

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True Link Honors Recipient of 2023 Grant For Best Practices in Person-Centered Support

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