True Link’s mission is to design and deliver adaptive financial services.

We proudly serve vulnerable seniors, people with disabilities, and people in recovery.

Protect independence.

Are you or a loved one:

  • Impacted by an age-related cognitive impairment?
  • Living with an intellectual disability? 
  • In recovery from drug or alcohol addiction?
  • The beneficiary of a special needs trust?

Our True Link Visa Prepaid Cards are designed for situations where one person is responsible for managing spending money for someone else.

It is a secure and convenient way to provide access to funds and life-enhancing independence while restricting how those funds can be used as needed.

The Visa prepaid card can be administered by a family member, guardian, trustee or another professional. Administrators fund it and configure its online dashboard settings to help manage the risks the cardholder is facing.

Sometimes those risks are access to cash, sometimes they are benefits eligibility requirements, sometimes they involve telemarketers, online purchases, specific merchants, casinos, transaction size, etc. The True Link Visa Prepaid Card's highly customizable online dashboard settings can be adjusted as circumstances change.

Adapted to suit the particular needs of the people we serve.


Some settings to support recovery.

Some settings to protect older adults.

Make settings highly specific.

Cardholder notifications.*

       *Standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply

Who we help.

True Link designs its financial products and services to meet the often complex needs of an underserved market.

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Order the True Link Visa Prepaid Card.

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True Link Visa Prepaid Card