True Link Cards FAQ

The True Link Card

No. True Link Cards are prepaid cards that can be used everywhere Visa cards are accepted. We do not charge interest or overdraft fees.

Yes. Funds up to $250,000 on True Link Prepaid Visa Cards are FDIC insured.

The card is as secure as any debit or credit card. For more information, please refer to our page on security.

With the True Link Card, you can customize the card settings to block, limit, or allow merchants or categories of spending. Additionally, you can set spending limits, block access to cash, and receive real-time alerts* via text or email. 

*Standard messaging rates apply

True Link Cards can be set up and managed by family members, trusted friends, professionals, or even self-administered.

True Link Cards can be funded either from a bank account or via direct deposit. After you sign up for an account, you are able to connect a bank account and schedule automatic or manual funding payments online, or set up a direct deposit transfer. The True Link Protection Prepaid Visa Card cannot be funded directly via direct deposits of SSI or other government benefits.

Our monthly card fee is $10.00. You will not be charged any fees to make purchases. Click here for a detailed description of all fees.

The fastest and easiest way to order a card is online. Click here to get started. If you need assistance, please call 1-800-299-7646 during business hours and a representative will guide you through the process.

The True Link Card works everywhere Visa cards are accepted, except for the individual merchants and categories of spending that the card administrator has blocked. 

If you decide to allow cash withdrawals, the card can be used at any ATM. True Link does not charge ATM fees, but it's important to note that most ATMs charge a service fee. The administrator can also choose to allow the cardholder to request cash back when making a purchase. There is no fee for cash back transactions.

You can choose to allow, limit, or block online or phone purchases – effectively, any purchase where the cardholder is not physically present.

If you block a merchant, the True Link Card will not work at that merchant location. If you block a type of merchant (e.g., magazine subscriptions, bars, pawn shops), the True Link Card will not work at any merchants identified as part of that merchant category. If you are concerned about a particular merchant or type of merchant, but don’t want to block purchases there, you can also choose to allow those transactions while receiving an instant notification* of any transactions via text or email.

*Standard messaging rates apply

Spending limits ensure that if a mistake does get made, it’s not a big mistake. With the True Link Card, you can set per-purchase spending limits. You decide the maximum that can be spent on any individual purchase and the card will be denied for any purchases larger than your set limit. You can also choose to allow transactions while receiving an instant notification* via text or email when spending crosses a certain limit.

*Standard messaging rates apply

You can instantly block an account for any reason, at any time, using your True Link dashboard or by calling our Customer Support team. You will not need to cancel the card, and if you decide to un-block the card, you can do so instantly without the trouble of ordering a new card.

Yes. There are a few ways you can block or allow specific merchants:

  • If a purchase has already been attempted or completed, find that purchase in the Transactions Tab of your online dashboard, click “Review” next to the charge, and then block or allow that specific merchant in the future.
  • If you would like to proactively block or allow a specific merchant, simply go to your Spending Monitor Tab and add that merchant in the Merchant Settings section.

No. At this time, we are unable to block specific items in a store. If a specific store is allowed, the cardholder may purchase anything within that store.