Our manifesto on fees

At True Link, we take our fiduciary duty seriously. That means we put your best interests before our own profits. Here are our open thoughts on how we approach fees.

Transparency on what you are hiring us to do

If you choose to hire us as your financial advisor, we'll make it clear exactly what we're going to do in return for your money. We'll provide you with a copy of our intake procedures as well as our account review checklist so you have full visibility into what administration entails.

What this means is you can make a clear decision about the value provided. If you want to do the listed items yourself – or hire someone else to do them – that's your choice. And we believe that choice should be as easy as possible, not as confusing as possible.

Transparency on what it costs to hire us

When you look at your account statement, you'll always know exactly what you paid  -- no surprises. We charge an 0.87% fee and invest in a blend of index funds with internal costs ranging from 0.02% to 0.12%, but the total fee will always stay below one percent. We don't charge any load fees or trading fees, and our firm doesn't take a share of the cost ratio of anything we recommend.

No conflict of interest

Equally important, nobody is paying us but you. We don't get referral fees, commissions, or kickbacks for any of our products, and we don't give incentives or bonuses to our advisors based on recommending one thing or another.

When someone gets a referral fee for your business, they're selling you to someone else. With us, you're the customer – not the product.

Free option to do it yourself

We do hope you choose to hire us – that's how we make a living! – but you don't have to, and we're not a good option for everyone. If you choose not to hire us, you can download our investment allocation plan and implementation checklist, free of charge.

We believe strongly that other financial advisors should provide this information as well. With greater transparency and visibility, we think they'd provide better service and work harder to earn your business every day.

Transfer your investments out at any time with no penalty

We're not trying to lock you in. If you decide you don't want to pay another dollar to True Link starting tomorrow, you can terminate the relationship without incurring any fees, penalties, or taxes. We think every financial advisor should be able to say the same – it's the ethical way to do business.