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21 Valuable Resources and Tools for Rep Payees

21 Valuable Resources and Tools for Rep Payees


Running a Representative Payee program often means juggling a lot of responsibilities and urgent tasks with a finite budget and a limited staff. But even with these restrictions, you want to do good work for the people you serve. So, where can you turn for help that doesn’t break the bank? Guest expert Ali Tabatabai, President and CEO of New Leaf Solutions pulled together this list of useful resources for program operators and employees. 

Leadership and Business Management Books 

Many Rep Payees are drawn to the work because of their desire to help people. Some may have a business background, while others are navigating how to launch and run a business for the first time. These books (available in print and audio) can provide valuable insights no matter your background:

Associations and Advocacy

These websites can be great resources to help Rep Payees stay up to date on Social Security Administration (SSA) policy updates, and other relevant information.

  • The Arc: Stay informed about the advocacy work The Arc is doing to fight for the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • National Academy on Social Insurance: The Academy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that works to increase public understanding of how social insurance contributes to economic security.
  • Justice in Aging: A national nonprofit legal advocacy organization that fights to protect the rights of poor seniors and strengthen the programs they rely on.
  • The National Center on Law and Elder Rights: NCLER works to strengthen the legal services delivery system for older adults through trainings, case consultations, and other resources.
  • National Employment Network Association (Ticket to Work program) - The National Employment Network Association (NENA) serves Employment Networks and other stakeholders involved in the SSA's Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program.

Online Resources to Develop Trainings

Whether you’re upleveling your own knowledge or offering training to your team, these websites provide essential information about your work and those you serve.

Platforms and Tools to Streamline Workflows

There are a number of digital tools and online platforms available today that can help you save time on common processes and keep your teams and records organized.

  • Zoho, Zendesk, and Salesforce: These Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can help you manage communications and enhance your customer service.
  • A project management tool that helps teams stay organized and track who needs to do what tasks, in what order, and by what date.
  • Rise: This online platform allows you to create courses, guides, and other training content for your teams. 
  • Slack: A way to communicate with other members of your team to share organization-wide announcements, chat 1on1, or collaborate around specific projects. 
  • True Link Financial (you know we had to add one more!): Our platform helps streamline your recordkeeping and reporting processes to help make your audits a little bit smoother. 

And that’s it – twenty one recommendations for tools and resources! A big thanks to Ali Tabatabai from New Leaf Solutions who curated this great list. 

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