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5 Practical Tips from Fiduciaries for Fiduciaries

5 Practical Tips from Fiduciaries for Fiduciaries

5 Practical Tips from Fiduciaries for Fiduciaries


It's no secret our fiduciary clients are a wealth of knowledge. When asked to share what advice they had for fellow fiduciaries looking to make their workdays a bit easier, they didn't disappoint.

Here are the 5 top workplace tips from fiduciaries for fiduciaries:

1. Establish clear policies for you and your team to follow to help keep your services consistent and in compliance.

"It’s critical to put policies and procedures in place — and to follow them."
- Alexandria Goff, Goff Legal

2. Clearly scope out the work required for each case, so you take on the right amount of work for your bandwidth.

"I'm always cognizant of my caseload, including the timing, size, and type of case. Onboarding a new case is extremely time-consuming, so I pace the work I take on."
- Sharon Duncan, Duncan Fiduciary

3. Communicate with your clients in a thoughtful, patient way so their needs are heard and respected.

"Our clients just want to be heard. We try to use language that makes them feel dignified, like 'distribution' instead of 'allowance.' Listening and engaging with their questions or concerns can help our clients feel more in control of their life situations, especially in the face of big transitions like relocation."
- Lori Hartin, BWH California

4. Seek out opportunities to improve your daily processes, so you can focus your time on what matters most.

"I try to constantly improve and streamline our processes. We're always looking for better ways to capture and document information. There are only 24 hours in a day, so we need to find ways to be efficient."
- Elaine Watrous, Elite Fiduciary

5. Don’t forget about yourself – it’s hard to serve your clients well when you are overworked.

"Self-care is important. I try to give myself space at the end of the day to wind down the office. It's easy to accidentally work until 10 pm, but it's not sustainable.
- Dion Davis, Finest City Fiduciary"

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