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Representative Payees Find a Better Way To Serve Their Clients

Representative Payees Find a Better Way To Serve Their Clients


Is it possible to fall in love with a Visa prepaid card? One of our representative payee clients did just that. This is their story.

It starts in a stressful world of checks, mail service, and government benefits. In order to access the crucial funds that cover their basic needs, clients of representative payees rely on checks. These can get delayed or lost in the mail, have to be physically picked up from an office, and then cashed – usually for a fee. It’s a time-intensive and costly process for both clients and the representative payees who support them.

Fed up with these challenges and looking for a better way to serve their 600 representative payee clients, one large Midwestern nonprofit turned to True Link.

Like many representative payee organizations, they needed a financial tool that would help distribute funds to their diverse client base quickly and reliably. When they found True Link, they discovered a system that not only adapted to their clients’ needs, but one that also lightened their own administrative load.

The True Link Independence Visa®️ Prepaid Card now provides their clients easy access to their funds without the need for checks, while True Link’s software platform automates funds distribution and reporting.

Here’s why it was true love at first sight.

Reliable funds distribution

Representative payees are able to schedule automated funds transfers online, so clients can get the funds they need, when they need it. No more dealing with checks being delayed or lost in the mail, and no more waiting in long lines to cash those checks (often for a fee!). If government benefits don’t come through for some reason, these transfers can be cancelled with just a few clicks. As one of their clients put it,

"I can’t believe I never have to deal with the mail again. No more lost checks – hallelujah! I’m able to get my money without the wait."

Savings for clients and beyond

According to the organization’s analysis, automating funding helps their clients save over $100 a year in check-cashing transportation and fees – not to mention the more than $3,000 per month that the organization saves on postage, printing, and staffing associated with sending those checks.

Better budgeting

For those who need help managing a monthly budget, the True Link Visa Prepaid Card can be used to distribute funds in daily or weekly installments. It’s an effective tool that ensures beneficiaries still have enough money at the end of the month to purchase what they need.

Spending restrictions

While most of the organization’s clients can use their True Link Visa Prepaid Card anywhere, a few need additional settings that protect them from predatory family members or that block purchases related to substance use disorders. The organization easily customizes settings for beneficiaries with unique needs on the user-friendly online dashboard. The result for one client in recovery: “I’m trying to stay clean. I talked to my payee, and she said, ’Let’s try True Link. We can block bars.’ I’m not going to say this isn’t frustrating sometimes – it is. But it was a choice we made together, and it’s helping.”

Reduced call volume

Because beneficiaries can check their available balance through True Link’s system at no charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the organization’s call volume has dropped by more than 50%, according to their comprehensive records.

Most importantly, the nonprofit's happy clients! The organization isn’t the only one pleased with True Link’s service. Here are some other great things their clients had to say about using True Link:

"Things are hard enough as it is. Before, it was like [there was] one more person to rely on for my basic needs. With this new card, I feel like I’ve got some control back."
"Do you know their customer [support] people? Because tell them they’re the best. I mean, they just get it. Whenever I have a question, they help."

Interested in learning more about how True Link can help your organization? Visit our website or schedule a personal demo today.

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