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George Guererro

Why One Financial Executive Left Wall Street for Silicon Valley

Why One Financial Executive Left Wall Street for Silicon Valley


George Guerrero has spent his entire career – more than 20 years – working in financial services at some of the top firms in the industry. Moving his way up the corporate ladder of Wall Street, George earned a reputation as a smart, strategic thinker, always focused on the client’s best interests.

But success in the investment arena wasn’t always George’s sole focus. In 2010 he was selected as a David Rockefeller Fellow, a fellowship that prepares corporate executives for more active leadership in civic and public affairs. While he valued the fast-pace and intellectual rigor of the financial services industry, George had always longed to be a part of something bigger.

Along this timeline, George grew closer to the man who would eventually become his father-in-law, who’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 61. In 2011, the additional diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia led the family to reach out to an elder law attorney to explore their options for long-term care and financial planning.

Stepping in as the family’s financial expert, George found few options in the way of products or services addressing the financial challenges of aging. Struck by the level of complexity of his own family’s situation – from understanding Medicare rules, to sorting through the financial products that had accumulated over the years – George wondered how the average family, who did not have access to the same professional expertise, could manage this situation.

Soon after, a cross-country move brought George to San Francisco where he began his work with another large financial institution. Surrounded by the passionate entrepreneurs and mission-driven startups of Silicon Valley, George was inspired to play a more involved role in product innovation that could truly impact people's lives. But it didn’t take long to discover that there weren’t many opportunities to iterate and experiment within traditional financial services.

That’s when George came across a company called True Link Financial, a firm dedicated to serving the financial needs of retirees – a mission that had become close to George’s heart. He realized that, “it was the perfect way for me to leverage my professional background to address a very real and personal issue that impacts so many other families.”

Serving as the Head of Wealth Management since 2015, George has found just the right fit at True Link. He led the company’s development of a tech-enabled financial advisory service – the first of it’s kind designed exclusively for retirees. Everyday, George works with customers to create and implement customized investment plans, helping them access the income they need in retirement.

“We help our customers live the lives they want, and they’re consistently delighted by our products and services,” says George. “That’s what I love to be a part of every day.”

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