Your important work relies on execution by trustees, guardians & fiduciaries, SEC regulated advisors, and family members.

They’ll be grateful you introduced them to the True Link Protection Visa Prepaid Card; it can help maintain benefits eligibility and improve oversight of beneficiary or caregiver spending.

Help protect your clients’ government benefits, their assets, and their family relationships.

As you help your clients navigate difficult circumstances, keep True Link top of mind. Our solutions address the complex human and administrative difficulties faced by those supporting people who require help in managing their money. 

The True Link Visa Prepaid Card is an efficient tool for disbursements to clients who have a special needs trust, and its customizable online dashboard settings can help protect government benefits. True Link is the only Visa prepaid card listed in the Social Security Administration guidelines in the POMS

For guardians, conservators, and family members of older adults with vulnerabilities, the True Link Visa Prepaid Card can help protect against fraud and financial abuse; its customizable online dashboard settings can block telephone or online purchases, as well as certain types of predatory merchants. It is also widely used in place of cash so that caregivers can make purchases while families and guardians can maintain oversight and control.

We support the work of professional trustees, fiduciaries, caregivers, and families as they step into the roles of conservator, trustee or power of attorney.


Approved spending for SNTs.

Some settings to protect older adults.

Transaction history report.

Select funding option.

Who we help.

True Link designs its financial products and services to meet the often complex needs of an underserved market.

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Order the True Link Visa Prepaid Card. 

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True Link Protection Visa Prepaid Card