Care managers trust True Link to help protect their clients and support their caregivers.

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A tool with customizable spending restrictions.

The support system that you as a care manager create for your clients relies on your expertise and insight into the right resources. Adding the True Link Visa Prepaid Card to your preferred tools can help improve life for your caregivers, the people they serve, and their families. 

True Link was founded to provide financial solutions to the most vulnerable; our mission is to serve their needs with effective, purpose-built products. Our True Link Visa Prepaid Card helps families of seniors and those with special needs avoid caregiver fraud and undesirable spending by a loved one with cognitive impairment.

The reloadable True Link Visa Prepaid Card is a:

  • Trusted solution for families across the country to help protect a loved one from being taken advantage of while supporting their independence  
  • Easy-to-monitor Visa prepaid card for a caregiver running errands and making purchases
  • Simple, secure alternative to petty cash
  • Convenient barrier to help prevent caregiver fraud or caregiver stealing

We share a dedication to the people you serve and look forward to becoming one of your most valued recommendations.

Families can fund and protect their loved ones, whether they’re around the corner or across the country.


Some settings to protect older adults.

Top-level protections.

Block access to cash.

Set recurring transfers.

Customer voices.

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Who we help.

True Link designs its financial products and services to meet the often complex needs of an underserved market.

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True Link Visa Prepaid Card