Automated tools to support guardians, trustees, fiduciaries, and conservators.

We know you take your fiduciary duty seriously. Let True Link help you do so with less effort.

True Link Independence Visa Prepaid Card for guardians, conservators, and trustees.

Whether your fiduciary duty is to a loved one or a group of clients, True Link can help make it easier. Our Visa prepaid card has customizable settings for budgeting and spending control to help ensure your clients' needs are met and independence is supported.

True Link was founded to protect people with disabilities, people in recovery, and older adults from fraud and risky purchases. Our expertise in trusts, particularly special needs trusts (SNTs), allows us to design solutions to help protect the independence of vulnerable communities and streamline the workflows of guardians and fiduciaries.

The reloadable True Link Visa Prepaid Card lets you put funds directly in your clients’ wallet, without mail, travel, or check-cashing fees.* Its customizable online dashboard settings can also be configured to block specific types of spending to help protect government benefits and your client’s assets.

Your time is too valuable to waste on manual workflows and antiquated money management. Your clients deserve fewer complications as they face their daily challenges. Let True Link help both you and your clients.

*For a list of program fees, please see Cardholder Agreement.

Automate your workflows, provide better service, and increase autonomy for your beneficiaries.


Cash and merchant settings.

Set recurring transfers.

Block online and phone purchases.

Close and re-order cards.

Who we help.

True Link designs its financial products and services to meet the often complex needs of an underserved market.

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Order the True Link Visa Prepaid Card.

True Link Independence Visa Prepaid Card