Trusted to help protect vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities, and designed to support home care providers.

Promote greater independence in old age, address the challenges of petty cash for caregivers, provide transparency for families.

True Link can help you protect those who are dependent on you as a home care provider to run errands and make purchases.

As a home care provider, you ensure your clients get the home help, groceries, and medications they need. But providing your caregivers with a way to pay for those items usually involves tracking cash, checking receipts, and collecting reimbursements–a major hassle and a potential liability.

The reloadable True Link Visa Prepaid Card can help simplify the process of providing funds to caregivers. Plus, its online dashboard settings can be customized to set spending limits, block access to cash online or telephone purchases, and more. Whether it is you or the family that funds and administers the card, the flexible settings of our Visa prepaid card's online platform offer transparency and control.

Get back some of that valuable time you now spend managing petty cash, so you can help more people.

Everyone can rest easier when caregivers use the True Link Visa Prepaid Card.


Block access to cash.

Set recurring transfers.

Email and text notification options.*

Transaction history report.

       *Standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply


Who we help.

True Link designs its financial products and services to meet the often complex needs of an underserved market.

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True Link Visa Prepaid Card