Help protect an aging loved one and help support their independence.

Memory loss doesn’t have to mean an end to financial independence.

He is grateful for the safety net it provides..." – Daughter

Every parent knows that one of their most important jobs is to strike a balance between protecting their children and giving them freedom. Eventually, many children must do the same for an aging parent or loved one.

The True Link Visa Prepaid Card can help support an older adult with dementia symptoms who finds it increasingly difficult to safely handle spending. Sadly, this vulnerable group is most targeted by scams. Our simple yet powerful True Link Visa Prepaid Card can help ensure your loved one’s continued independence and access to the funds they need but with restrictions you set on how funds can be spent.

The True Link Visa Prepaid Card is also widely used in place of petty cash for caregivers running errands and making purchases on behalf of older adults. True Link can provide families or guardians financial oversight of the caregivers whom your loved one depends on to remain independent.

Protect their freedom with well-placed safeguards – after all, it’s what they did for you.

Protections to enhance independence and empower caregivers.

Order the True Link Visa Prepaid Card.

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True Link Visa Prepaid Card