Representative payees can save time, money and improve payeeship service with True Link.

A faster, smarter and safer way to get personal needs allowance to your clients.

As you take care of others, let True Link support you.

You make a difference in your clients’ lives, and each one relies on you to ensure that their basic needs are met. But having to write, process, and track checks can be costly for both you and your clients.

It’s easy to use the True Link Independence Visa Prepaid Card to make distributions of personal needs allowances. It can help protect against check fraud and can save you and your clients' time, money, and effort. Fulfill your fiduciary duties with less effort and let us handle questions from your clients about balances and the timing of their next payment.

Every day, we help thousands of rep payees focus their valuable resources on what matters most: improving their clients’ quality of life.

When representative payees make distributions via the True Link  Independence Visa Prepaid Card, everyone wins.


Set recurring transfers.

Cardholder access.

Reporting options.

Who we help.

True Link designs its financial products and services to meet the often complex needs of an underserved market.

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Order the True Link Visa Prepaid Card.

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True Link Independence Visa Prepaid Card