Investment advisory services built for individuals with disabilities.

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We’ve developed the right approach to support asset growth and smart spending for a fulfilling life.

the right strategy for your goals

When living off fixed assets – whether from a settlement, government benefits, or trust funds – it’s important to manage growth and spending to ensure your funds can provide for a fulfilling life. We believe that current investment strategies don’t adequately address this need, which is why we developed a methodology built for individuals with disabilities. With True Link, you don’t have to worry that someone else’s investment product is being adapted to suit your situation.


True Link’s investment methodology combines five pillars of smart investing into one holistic approach. While each pillar exists as a stand-alone best practice, we believe that a unified theory offers individuals with disabilities a more effective, robust solution to generating lasting income.

The five pillars of approach

Time based allocations

Any investment professional will tell you that money needed tomorrow should be invested differently than money needed in twenty years. Our technology-enabled planning tools create distinct investment allocations for specific periods of time over the course of your life. This fine-grained approach to investing has long been available to high-net worth individuals; our tools make it available to all.

Investments and annuities

Depending on your income goals and assets, an annuity, which provides future income for an upfront payment, might make sense for you. When appropriate, we include annuities as an option in your plan, alongside investment vehicles like funds of stocks and bonds. True Link Advisors implement a holistic plan and, for some individuals, annuities can be an important component.

Modern portfolio theory

We apply Modern Portfolio Theory to determine asset class combinations and to create an efficient, holistic portfolio that helps to avoid risk beyond what is inherent in the market. Modern Portfolio Theory is a quantitative approach to investing that seeks to maximize expected performance at a given level of risk.

Bond ladders to help avoid loss

A bond ladder takes your income needs and buys bonds – or bond funds, which are a collection of bonds designed to provide diversification and reduce risk – with maturity dates that roughly match when you’ll need the money. Insurance companies and other big enterprises use bond ladders to earn a return on money they’re not using but to have it available when they need it. With True Link, you can take advantage of this same tool – earning a return on funds you won’t need for some time, yet not subjecting yourself to extra risk from market conditions or interest rate changes.

Personalized to your needs

We use your information – from health, age, and gender to spending needs and assets – to produce a plan that is personalized for you. In executing this plan, our advisors factor in more unique information to customize your plan further, including tax status of accounts, current portfolio, and family situation. You have unique needs and you should have a unique financial plan. Our technology tools and caring advisors work in concert to build and implement that plan for you.

A relationship built on trust

  • Data-driven and objective
    We use technology to create the right plan for you.
  • Transparent, clear approach
    Our tools support understanding – we’ve got nothing to hide.
  • Ethical advisors
    We only hire advisors with a history of exceptional ethical conduct.
  • No commissions
    We never compensate our Advisors with commissions.
  • No hidden fees
    We provide all our services for one low management fee.
  • Fiduciary standard
    We always act in your best interest. Period.

Skilled plan management

We use technology to make smart, objective decisions, not to replace a human. Our advisors play an essential role in managing your funds, understanding nuanced tradeoffs, and providing support whenever you need it.

If you choose to work with us in implementing your plan, our Advisors will:
  • Adjust for taxes, capital gains, and government benefits
  • Shop for the best insurance features and quotes across multiple providers
  • Plan for medical needs and other emergencies
  • Rebalance your plan to generate income, adjust for changing needs, market conditions, and the passage of time – helping to keep your portfolio optimized over time for your needs*
* Rebalancing can entail transaction costs and tax consequences that should be considered when determining a rebalancing strategy.