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10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day for the next 12 years... 
and they are online researching retirement income planning options


At True Link, we use technology to engage with digital baby boomers planning for the spend-down phase in their retirement.

If you are interested in how we are engaging them with our platform and helping them find advisors, apply to be a True Link Referral Professional.

Apply to become a True Link Referral Professional and start connecting with potential clients in our network.

Meet our team

We would love the opportunity to serve as a trusted partner. Meet the team that’s ready to support and help you reach success.

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  • Affordable Leads
    We've built a network of retirees seeking advisors, and that's where you come in.
  • Transparent, clear approach
    We have a very clear agreement with our partner advisors so we both benefit.
  • Ethical advisors
    We only work with and recommend advisors with a history of exceptional ethical conduct.
  • Specialized Funnel System
    We have an in-house digital acquisition team behind the scenes finding new clients.
  • Online is the future
    Baby boomers are online seeking financial solutions like ours.
  • Fiduciary standard
    We always act in our clients best interest, which helps keep referrals coming.

True Link In


“A big plus: You can also talk with one of True Link’s independent human financial advisers who don’t take commissions or sell proprietary products — albeit not face-to-face. These advisers work with customers over the phone or by email."


A service we’re proud to share with family and friends.

True Link is the leader of a new generation of ethical financial services firms. We built this company because we needed our services for our own families and didn’t trust the options out there. Now we’re here to be a reliable partner to you and your family.

Using an objective approach to ensure an effective solution.

We believe strongly in using technology to develop the most effective solution for your financial needs in retirement. We use an objective, data-driven approach to ensure you get information that’s reliable – not biased or swayed by uninformed opinions.

Prioritizing transparency and clarity.

We know that complexity can get in the way of transparency and understanding. That’s why we’ve worked hard to translate our approach into clear language and to provide you with an online tool that is easy-to-use but not dumbed-down.

Hiring advisors with real values.

At True Link, we believe that a financial advisor who relies on expensive fad products or makes decisions based on ego or intuition just isn’t good enough. The qualities we value are a little different – accountability, honesty, and intelligence with humility.

We don’t pay commissions, ever.

Our advisors never receive commissions for the services they provide or products they offer. Our goal is to align values and incentives – it just makes sense.

Our favorite standard is the fiduciary standard.

The Department of Labor recently issued a rule requiring retirement investment advisors to “put their clients' best interest before their own profits.” This may be new for some, but not True Link. The fiduciary standard is at the core of who we are and what we do.

No hidden costs – only one fee.

With True Link, there are no transaction, account, or annual fees. We charge one simple management fee when you work with our team to implement your plan, and it’s significantly lower than what most traditional financial advisors charge.

The Professional Process

True Link Referral Professionals are experienced and independent financial advisors who can implement investment plans and act as a resource and thought partner over the full course of retirement.

Our partnership process is as follows:

  • Advisors fill out the application which is then reviewed by the True Link executive team; Once accepted, the advisor gets a personal login to the portal which is where potential clients' information will be waiting

  • Clients will be funneled and assigned to the advisor based on the location and expertise needed; information about that person's retirement income goals and financial concerns will be included in the private portal

  • The advisor begins work with the client with the support of True Link; this includes, but is not limited to, custom tools, reports, and other software from the dedicated True Link engineering team

We look forward to working with you!

Here’s our criteria for choosing our True Link Referral Professional We're proud to share it.

  • Demonstrated expertise in investment management
  • Strong track record when it comes to acting ethically, transparently, and in the best interest of the client
  • Motivated by a desire to provide remarkable service


If you consider yourself a top-tier, ethical advisor able to
constantly take on new leads, apply to become a True Link Referral Professional today.