For rep payees

While you take care of others, True Link takes care of you

A faster, smarter, and safer way to get personal needs allowance to your clients.

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Your clients will love their True Link Visa Prepaid Card

Your clients may save check-cashing fees and transportation costs.

They'll receive their funds more quickly and reliably, compared to checks, plus they'll have free access to cash at Allpoint ATMs.

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Our dedicated Rep Payee Specialist is here to help

Proudly partnering with professionals

  • True Link has been amazing for my son and our family! Our son has been able to have more control and independence allowing him to reclaim responsible behavior. All of us have a much better life with your service.”

    Kathleen D.

    A trustee

  • My beneficiaries love the True Link card. I love the ease of obtaining reports and the ability to track spending in real-time.”

    Family Network on Disabilities

  • We tried our usual route for debit cards (a local bank) but they were unfamiliar while working with conservatorship cases - you all know the drill. Most companies don’t understand these messy cases… but True Link has no problem setting it up and I am really pleased with everything I can do with it.”

    Ronnie C. Gutierrez

    Care Manager