Help safeguard spending and support independence

The True Link Visa® Prepaid Card helps families and professionals protect the finances of the people they support.

How it works

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    A prepaid Visa card to
    help stay on track

    Easy to set up and fund with scheduled or one-time transfers from an existing bank account.

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    spending rules

    Set where the Visa card works and where it doesn’t to help protect spending and help prevent fraud.

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    Visibility into spending
    with alerts and history

    Get real-time alerts to stay informed of recent purchases and generate reports to keep track of spending history.

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A few ways we help make spending simpler

Spending settings can help prevent a Visa card from being used at specific merchants and store types

Alerts help you notice suspicious spending and Scamwatch™ helps block potentially predatory merchants

Automated reports and transaction histories offer more visibility into spending to help assist in budgeting

Disbursements can be sent directly from an SNT to a Visa card with recurring transfers or one-time transfers

Ability to monitor how caregivers spend to help protect loved ones and be confident they’re getting all they need

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Getting started is easy

1. Sign up in 5 minutes

Provide details about yourself and the person you support.

Card questionnaire

2. Check the mail

The Visa card will typically arrive in the mail within 7-10 business days after an order is placed.

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3. Activate and fund

Follow a few simple steps to activate the Visa card and connect an existing bank account to add funds.

True Link card process

4. Set up spending rules

Customize from over 50 categories, plus the ability to block or allow specific vendors, set cash access, and more.

Card settings

5. Download the app

Use our mobile app to track spending, send funds, block purchases, and more while on the go.

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Why people love True Link

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As the parent of an adult dual-diagnosis individual, I have found that the True Link debit card has allowed me to breathe again. My child has enough freedom to shop for his needs but no access to unrestricted funds to abuse. He has been as grateful as I have been. He is learning to manage his financial life successfully.

– Cathy, Family Caregiver
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Everything about True Link is excellent

From the customer service they provide to the workability of the true link debit card, we are able to provide better service to our clients. Every interaction I have had with a true link representative has been outstanding. The staff is knowledgeable, very friendly and easy to work with. They are always able to respond and correct any issue I have. As a professional fiduciary, with many clients, I will continue to use True Link cards for all of my clients.

– Professional Fiduciary
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Independent decision making and budgeting

As a Guardian/Conservator, I appreciate this option being available for the individuals under the care of this office. This card allows more independent decision making and budgeting for those desiring to move towards restorative independent living. No more reports of money coming up missing!

– Guardian/Conservator
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A terrific service

This company provides a terrific service, each month an amount is transferred from my bank to my family member's debit card which can only be used for food purchases. It also lets me know if the card is being used for something besides food. I really don't know what I'd do without it; I wouldn't be able to give my family member money for food and know that that's what it was spent on.

– Mimi, Family Caregiver
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You can't beat the convenience

I learned of True Link at a conference, and I decided to try it for one of my clients. I could not be more pleased. The debit card gives my client a sense of independence, and the options for controls give me the safety I want for her. And you can't beat the convenience of being able to manage it from your desk! I plan to use True Link for other clients in the future.

– Jane, Guardian

All quotes refer to the True Link Visa Prepaid Card and the associated True Link Platform provided by True Link Financial, Inc. and not the investment advisory services provided by True Link Financial Advisors, LLC.

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Frequently asked questions

The card administrator manages the True Link Visa Card. This administrator can be a family member, friend, professional, or someone else who helps manage another’s finances. Managing a True Link Visa Card means a variety of things, like being responsible for ordering the Visa card, putting the settings in place for how the funds can and cannot be used, adding money, scheduling fund transfers, updating account information, and more.

It depends. You can choose to block or allow withdrawals at ATMs based on the needs of the cardholder.

You can also block access to cash in a variety of ways including: blocking withdrawals inside a bank (i.e., getting cash from a teller at a bank) and, blocking cash-back at time of purchase.

True Link Financial, Inc. is a financial technology company and not a bank. Banking services are provided by Sunrise Banks N.A. Your funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Sunrise Banks, N.A., Member FDIC. All True Link Visa Cards are protected from fraud under Visa's Zero Liability Policy1 and Regulation E, so customers have recourse if they do experience fraud on their cards and report that to our team.

If a True Link Visa Card has been lost or stolen, you can immediately disable the Visa card to prevent additional transactions and protect against fraud. If the Visa card needs to be replaced, you can close the account and order a replacement. All of this can be done online, via our 24/7 automated phone system (1-866-984-8576), or by speaking with a Customer Support representative at (1-866-984-8576) during standard business hours. Once the new Visa card arrives and is activated, any funds remaining on the lost Visa card will be automatically transferred to the new Visa card.

Yes, because the True Link Visa Card is a prepaid card, this means that purchases can only be made using money that has been added to the account. Additionally, many card administrators help their cardholders stay on a budget by scheduling recurring daily, weekly, or monthly transfers. This way cardholders receive funds when they need them -- without spending beyond their means.

For those supporting someone in recovery, where additional budgeting support can help rebuild independence, the True Link Next Step Visa Card allows you to specify monthly, weekly, or daily budgets. Contact us to learn more.

The True Link Visa Card helps simplify disbursements from a Special Needs Trust, provides an accurate record of transactions, and can help manage where funds can and can't be used to help protect benefits eligibility. The SSA2 provides guidelines in the Program Operations Manual System (POMS)3 for using the True Link Visa Card to make disbursements from SNTs, helping trustees feel confident and comfortable using True Link. For more information on how the Visa card works with Special Needs Trusts, please read our Compliance Guide.

For more information on how the Visa card works with Special Needs Trusts, please read our Compliance Guide.

Visa’s Zero Liability Policy does not apply to certain commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any authorized use. Contact your issuer for more details.

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