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A relationship built on trust and technology

  • Data-driven and objective
    We use technology to create the right plan for you.
  • Transparent, clear approach
    Our tools support understanding – we’ve got nothing to hide.
  • Ethical advisors
    We only hire advisors with a history of exceptional ethical conduct.
  • No commissions
    We never compensate our Advisors with commissions.
  • No hidden fees
    We provide all our services for one low management fee.
  • Fiduciary standard
    We always act in your best interest. Period.

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  • How much money will I have in retirement?

  • How much will I be able to spend each month?

  • How can I produce income for as long as I need it?

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Brian M.

Sarasota, Florida

"I'm a huge fan of True Link's financial planning tool. I've spent what feels like hundreds of hours trying to calculate how much I can spend right now from my 401k and mutual funds. True Link's tool did a better job in about 5 minutes… I can finally stop worrying!"

Carol H.

Kansas City, Missouri

"I used True Link's financial planning tool and within minutes I had a very clear understanding of what I can spend every year in retirement. It's a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. After talking to at least ten so-called 'experts' I haven't found one who would give me a specific monthly spend. I'm very grateful for this tool."

Five pillars of smart investing

Best practices combined in one effective approach.

Time-based allocations

Your spending needs result in separate investment allocations for money needed during different years of your life.

Investments and annuities

We use annuities as an insurance vehicle when it makes sense for you, providing lifetime income at a low cost.

Modern Portfolio Theory

We employ modern strategies such as low- cost ETFs to help keep costs low and avoid risk beyond what is inherent in the market.

Bond ladders to help avoid loss

Planning to hold bonds to maturity
can help avoid unnecessary principal loss in a changing interest rate climate.

Personalized to your needs

We account for health and demographic factors, as well as spending needs, because each person has a unique profile.

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“A big plus: You can also talk with one of True Link’s independent human financial advisers who don’t take commissions or sell proprietary products — albeit not face-to-face. These advisers work with customers over the phone or by email."

Skilled plan management

We use technology to help make smart, objective decisions, not to replace a human. Our advisors play an essential role in managing your funds, understanding nuanced tradeoffs, and providing support over the course of your retirement.

If you choose to work with us in implementing your plan, our Advisors will:
  • Conduct a thorough review for suitability, risk, and exposure
  • Adjust for taxes, capital gains, pensions, social security, and income
  • Shop for the best insurance features and quotes across multiple providers
  • Plan for medical needs and other emergencies
  • Rebalance your plan to generate income, adjust for changing needs, market conditions, and the passage of time – helping to keep your portfolio optimized over time for your needs*
* Rebalancing can entail transaction costs and tax consequences that should be considered when determining a rebalancing strategy.